Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

DMHD’s Intellectual Property attorneys are well versed in patent drafting, prosecution and enforcement, technology transfers, patent acquisitions, trademark prosecution and enforcement, and the protection of trade secrets and copyrights. We advise our clients on copyright matters and assist in obtaining federal copyright registrations in addition to drafting and negotiating license agreements and assignments related to copyright and trademark rights. Each patent and trademark attorney at DMHD is prepared to counsel our clients on preventive measures to protect their intellectual property and corrective procedures that may be needed in the case their intellectual property has been compromised.


Every patent attorney at DMHD is aware of the attention to detail that is required when it comes to patents. Our services include:

  • Providing patentability searches and opinions
  • Counseling clients regarding the proper protection of patents
  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications, both in the United States and foreign countries
  • Ascertaining ownership of patents
  • Preparing patent licenses
  • Determining if new products infringe the patent rights of others


A brand is one of a company’s most valuable assets. Protecting a brand involves the registration and enforcement of its trademark. Trademark attorneys at DMHD perform trademark searches, register trademarks, and provide opinions on registration at both the state and federal level.

Our intellectual property law group prepares trademark licenses and counsels clients on proper trademark use and policing techniques to protect their trademark.


Creative works such as books, music, films, computer programs, computer games and photographs can be protected under the law through the proper use of copyright.  Our attorneys at DMHD counsel clients on the registration procedures required for that protection.

Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

To protect valuable trade secret assets, DMHD provides clients with employment contracts and consulting arrangements that cover the maintenance of confidentiality. We also prepare licensing and assignment agreements for trade secret information.

Our intellectual property group is comprised of a team of copyright and other specialized attorneys including two licensed patent attorneys.  Our team employs a diverse combination of skills and experience in addressing our clients’ intellectual property and unfair competition needs at all stages.